Capstone - 1st August 2022
Penny, the Engineering Tale of the Fourth Little Pig
Penny isn't just the fourth little pig--she's an engineer. So when big bad Wolfgang destroys her brothers' homes, Penny comes to the rescue! When Wolfgang returns, Penny must use all her engineering know-how to save her family from his huffing and puffing. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs meets Rosie Revere, Engineer in this clever reimagining of The Three Little Pigs.
Razorbill (Penguin Random House) - 5th July 2022
The Monster on the Bus
It's the first day of school, and for Cassius and Angelique, that means their first ride on the school bus. The school bus can be a little intimidating for first-time riders! Will you have a friend to sit next to? Will the driver be nice? . . . and in the case of this bus ride, will that monster eat your backpack? 
As the wheels go round and round, the bus gets more and more off course. Is that. . .a T. Rex sitting in the back? And doesn't that look like a wizard sitting in the front? Cassius and Angelique must outsmart a wild cast of characters if they want to make it to school on time! 

Running Press 2020
'Let's dance. Put on your red shoes and dance the blues...' 
Embrace the spirit and mood of iconic musician David Bowie in this must-have book for any Bowie fan, especially those wanting to introduce a new generation to a favorite musical artist. Lightly adapting the lyrics to 'Let's Dance' for a younger audience, kids and parents will soon be tapping their shoes to this lively book with bright, fun, whimsical artwork.
Dial Books (Penguin Random House) 2019
Every story needs a problem. But Panda doesn't have a problem. Unless . . . . Panda is the problem!
The New York Times bestselling author of Here Comes the Easter Cat and The Quiet Book loses control of the narrative in the funniest, most exuberant, most kid-delighting way in this adventurous ode to what makes a story - and what makes a story great.
Bloomsbury 2020
All Sloth Bear wants to do is play with Porcupine but it's nap time in the jungle and all the other animals are sleeping. So she throws a guava at Porcupine's tree to wake him up and SPLAT! THUD! BUMP! Little Tiger gets woken up too! And Little Tiger is rather hungry...
Bloomsbury 2019
Cinderella wasn't the only one the fairy godmother helped. You see, Cinderella had a friend called Perkin and he was given seven seeds that turned out to be rather magical...
Oxford University Press 2020
Oxford Reading Tree Word Sparks: Level 1+
Miles Kelly 2019
Easy-to-follow, visual projects help young learners get to grips with coding using the free ScratchJr app. Packed with wipe-clean activities, the simple projects help children create walking, talking animations and interactive story books using multiple pages. With colourful illustrations and ScratchJr images throughout, children can see how their projects could look, while the extra activities on each page check the depth of their understanding.
Maverick Books 2017
Marco and Polo simply love adventures, but disaster hits when they are left in charge of Marco's numerous cousins! They brainstorm the perfect solution: Find a hamster sitter! An ad in the paper turns up many eager candidates, but Marco and Polo return home each time to find their cousins causing even more mischief than before. Can they find the perfect hamster sitter or are their adventures a thing of the past?
Bookoli 2018
From kitchen chaos to toy-shop muddles, poor little Jinxie the elf just can’t seem to get things right!, But this year, Santa has had a bright idea...

Join Jinxie on his merry mission as he discovers his true Christmas calling and learns that a little elf-ish kindness is all the world really needs!
Miles Kelly 2018
Various artists - I designed the cover art.
This wonderfully entertaining collection is packed with tales from every child's dream toy box. Best-loved characters such as Pinocchio and Raggedy Ann, as well as a host of tin soldiers, dolls, kites and balls are included. Featuring acclaimed authors such as Frances Hodgson Burnett, Hans Christian Andersen, Edith Nesbit and Johnny Gruelle, each tale is accompanied by enchanting illustrations.
Thomas Nelson 2018
Stop-and-Go Devotional provides short, active devotions based on Bible stories, designed for busy families with preschoolers and primary-grade children. Written by bestselling author Diane Stortz, this to-the-point, interactive devotional gives bite-size teachings on how to follow God. Each short devotion consists of an action-filled Bible story (Stop and Read), an age-appropriate devotional thought with questions and a brief prayer (Think and Talk), and an easy and fun follow-up activity, a thought to remember, and a supporting Bible verse (Green Means Go!).
Speakaboos 2016
I created all the illustrations, including character turnarounds with extra limbs and facial expressions.
Granny is sick, so Little Red Riding Hood goes to visit taking a basket of food. Wolf, though, sees Little Red, and he is determined to use every trick he can to get the basket of food for himself. It turns out, Wolf has a good reason for his trickery: he wants to help HIS grandmother! A novel take on a classic tale.
See a preview here.
Barbour Books 2016
Various artists - I designed 3 colouring pages.
Color your way to an inspired faith with the brand-new Count Your Blessings coloring book. Forty-six unique images on quality stock will uplift and inspire through beautiful design and quotations, plus scripture selections.
Barbour Books 2016
Various artists - I designed 16 colouring pages.
Color your way to an inspired faith with the brand-new Everyday Encouragement coloring book. Forty-six unique images on quality stock will comfort and inspire through beautiful design and redevotional-like thoughts and scripture selections.
Barbour Books 2017
Various artists - I designed the cover line art and 12 colouring pages.
Color your way through the promises of scripture with the brand-new The Bible Promise Book for Hope and Healing. Forty-six unique images on quality stock will comfort and inspire through beautiful design and hope-filled scripture selections.
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